Learning to live One Day at at Time, a Moment at a Time, or a Second at a Time

I am learning a whole new way to address not only life today, but also retirement with fulfillment and a new adventure, it is like making a quilt.

You have all these different pieces of life and they join together in different patterns to form the journey or adventure. What we expected it to be changed about 8 years ago when we lost our retirement money of no fault of ours, we worked hard to save like most people in their 40’s and 50’s expecting to enjoy some travel, paying off our house, and enjoying watching our grand children grow up to be awesome adults.  But God’s plan changed and we had to make some really difficult choices. None of which I regret today.

We (husband) and I cared for my parents for 7 years until their deaths which were 9 months apart, Now that rocked my world!

But getting back to the quilt of life….what an adventure, what a journey, it is really fitting all those pieces are fitting together in their right spot just the way it was intended to fit. We had to step out of the way and let God be in control. Not always what I had planned, but it is working so far. There are months we think life is settling down and the quilt is going to look a certain way and it changes, becomes larger with new borders or we needed to change and add a different block or print and SURPRISE different meaning to the quilt.

I realize that with my family or those I choose to call my family, which is not always by birth, what a lesson I have learned these last 2 years. The ones by birth well I wouldn’t give you a second look at there colors for my quilt. The ones I have in my life today I call family are very special to me and my husband. They are there when needed and even when not, they are the real blessing for me. I would do anything for them. An old AA friend a long time ago taught me what the difference is between family and acquaintance really means. Acquaintance come and go in our lives, for a reason, season and a life time but a really true close friend/family would give you a kidney if they matched. Through thick or thin a life time.

This is just a small part of my Journey for today…