When the pit of your stomach has the uneasy feeling, it is usually called DEPRESSION!


Last Thursday for no reason I could think of…I had the feeling in the pit of my stomach, despair, uneasy feeling, Sleep was all I wanted to do to forget the world around me.  My day before was great. went to my Woman’s meeting and that was awesome….then Bang on Thursday morning this…

I did not know what to do so sleeping is an escape for me. Then a friend called and we were talking and she said 2 very profound things to me. 1st…they make a pill to fix that….NO pills for this girl. 2nd lets go to lunch…which I did do, (Move A Muscle Change A Thought) I got dressed and met her at our local healthy restaurant. We ordered our food and talked about everything, feelings, what depression does if it is not nipped in the bud. After lunch I felt so much better because she said something so profound, can you guess what that was……Well, it was to write a Gratitude List, go figure! I know this one from my early days in recovery. Making a gratitude list when you first get sober or clean is very important and it is just as important today as it was 39 years ago.

I posted my gratitude list on social media and all I can say that God was watching over me that day….because I wrote 11 and left it blank and posted it. Thinking no one is going to see it or respond to it, well so many people did and the comments were just awesome. I say God doing for me what I could not do give myself, positive feed back.

A lady sent me her number in the list of comments, and asked that I give her a call, not knowing her situation and her not knowing mine. I called.  She had been drinking and wanted to stop that was her way of reaching out and I am guessing but my list came across her Social Media page (How cool is that?) I reached out and we talked for a bit, I asked her the ultimate question…Do you want to go to a meeting there is one at 7?  She jumped on it saying YES.  The rest is the best thing for the both of us that day. Healthy Spiritual belief that God will help me if I ask.  Not sure if it helped her but I am here to tell you it rocked me into a new dimension.  I am very grateful for that bout of depression I had that morning because in reaching out for myself, I was able to help someone else, get out of my own crazy brain thinking…

My Higherpower  does do for me what I can’t, but I think she also pushes me in things I can do for my own recovery and hearing the words one of my sponsors use to say to me when I was sitting in some shit. “Move A Muscle Change A Thought, is so powerful