People we choose to have in our lives vs toxic ones that were born siblings… there is a choice

Part 2 The Families We Choose…

In part 1 I gave you a little bit of my background in family, but what I really want to say in this part 2 is how important People we choose to have as our family are really the most important. It is not always blood that binds us.

I am very blessed to have a few really close people in my life, they are the ones who I would give up a kidney or they would be there NO matter what is needed, they do not need to ask at all.  People who listen when I am upset about the simple things and also the issues I don’t understand.  They are there when I am feeling alone and can’t get out of myself or as a friend says to me …”I’m in my Crazy Brain” or scary company.  They call me on my shit and help me find direction through sometimes by just letting me talk it out.  And yes sometimes they have to pick up the pieces and put me back together. That is all OK because I am free to be me, as crazy as that sometimes sounds, it is my saving grace.

May years ago my grandmother said to me if you have 5 very close friends in your life you are a very blessed woman…well I am blessed more than I can say. There is Susan, Craig, Richie, Diane, Mary Jo, BJ and Bill and Maria. I am really blessed.  I do have many others in my life who are there and have great intentions, so I guess I am blessed way beyond what my grandmother said, all those years ago.

God has seen fit to remove the toxic people from my life even when I kept trying to bring them into my life over and over again.  He finally did those things in our lives that said Drop them they are TOXIC to you. Sometimes I wonder why it takes so long for us to see just how toxic they really are and what they are doing to bring us down to their level of hate, discontent, sorrow, mistrust, misery.  God let us open our eyes when we are really ready to see the truth, but not before.

So, in choosing my family for today and the life I am living I am blessed beyond the years. I am thankful everyday for each and everything that has happened in my life, because my sense of humor has helped me through all the learned lessons of trust, compassion, but most of all LOVE…Unconditional Love for another person.