Where to begin…

I was attending this event with great reservations, there was a part of me that didn’t want to go….the drive, the costs with a rental and just feeling a bit out of sorts. But I decided to go with a little bit of being pushed beyond my comfort zone. Thanks to the pusher….

I rented a car and left about 2 pm CST to head towards Orlando and  I made a commitment to pick up 3 other ladies at the Orlando airport. Which committed me to being at the event at the last day. (Still trying to back out) The drive went really smooth with no eventful things happening except a little bit of rain just past Gainesville. It sure did not feel like a 6 hour trip but more like a quick trip in all, got to the airport with about 5 minutes to spare, totally amazed how that worked out and the girls (ladies) were at number 14 arrival, so easy to find. Then 30 minutes to the house that was rented for us to stay in for the next 4 days.

When we arrived it was like seeing family, all hugs and kisses all around. Last time I saw these people was in February and on Zoom almost every week, except when I was hiding. We all were just like giddy children trying to fill everyone in on the last few months happenings or not. We were introduced to a new couple (Matt and Mary) both were a bit reserved and not really sure what to do with us, but they did survive the weekend with us all.

After the sitting around and sharing on Thursday evening we all headed to bed. My room had an awesome balcony that overlooked the front of the house.  This house had 8 bedrooms and 2 sitting areas, a pool and small hot tub, open floor plan for the kitchen and dining room with living area.  Nice place to visit, really

On the first full day, Friday I came down for coffee and breakfast, thank goodness for Maria’s oatmeal….love oatmeal with yogurt and fresh berries.  I came down in my flannel and kitty pj’s. I am known as the “Cat Lady”  so they say if the shoe fits wear it….and I do it well. We had an awesome breakfast with our morning family then first group was at 10 am.  We were all eager and ready to get started for this was going to be the weekend of learning to be come a writer. I was not sure if I wanted to learn to write a book, but after listening and learning I can do this I have decided I can become anything I am willing to put some time into, so I can get my story published and share with my community at home and around the world. A story about recovery, helping others and how it changed my life.

Where to start….

I always say at the beginning, it starts with blogging and sharing, feeling comfortable with who I am. You may ask WHY… well why not?